Visiting schools to build schools

Alexandre Gibon, 30, teaches sciences in a secondary school in Belgium. He holds a Master in educational sciences and has specialized in educational games. He is the president of non-profit organization Betsaleel.

Highly sensitive to environmental issues and North-South inequities, I want the project to help facilitate the access to school for as many kids as possible worldwide.
I believe that education contributes to improving people’s lives and to promoting sustainable development. That is the reason why I co-created BIKE 2 SCHOOL. For 2 years, I will bike around the world in order to discover the educational systems of the countries we will pass through. Meanwhile, I also want to raise funds to support Betsaleel’s projects.

Follow me on social networks and help us reach our goal which is raising at least € 20,000 for the organization while we will be on tour. To make it possible, please donate on the account of the organization: BE24 5230 8103 9838. BIC: TRIOBEBBB

For each annual donation of at least 40 euros, the non-profit organization can issue a tax certificate that allows you to claim back 45% of your donation (by mentioning it in your tax return).


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